29 2015

Special Event: The Catskills, Its History and How it Changed America

12:00PM - 1:00PM  


$ Cost $ 5.00

$5 / person includes bagel "and"

For all those who spent summers in The Catskills, relive the memories!! For those who didn't, learn about the great history this special haven offered to thousands.

The Catskills are legndary...home to poets, artists, hucksters, gangsters, idealists, tycoons, prize fighters, poiticians, preachers and outlaws, musicicans, spiritualists, outcasts and rebels, yet their centrality to the Americana experience has largely gone undiscovered. Stephen M Silverman's account o the Catskills brings it all fully to life - the Catskills' beauty, charm, vastness and irresistible idiosyncrasy.

Stephen Silverman tells of the truning points that made the Catskills so vital to the development of America.