10 2018

Film Event: The World is Funny

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Temple Beth-El Hillsborough

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Aspiring writer Zafi has trouble composing endings to
her stories. She uses her housecleaning jobs to find interesting
tales. Among the accounts she collects and
ties together is the story of estranged siblings: the oldest
sister Yardena is shocked to discover she’s pregnant
since she hasn’t had sex with anyone in years, least of
all her husband, who has been sleeping in a different
room ever since the tragic death of her daughter in the
army. Meanwhile, her brother Meron has to deal with
the return of Nessi, Meron’s oldest son, who just woke
up from a nine-year coma following a traumatic accident.
Golan, the youngest brother, is in the midst of his
own tragedy- his girlfriend, Natasha, is dying of cancer.
Helpless to do anything about her illness, he set out on
a quest to reunite the “Gashashim” comedy trio for a
performance, hoping to save her with laughter.