Maimonides Medical Society 

Maimonides Medical Society 

A group of medical professionals who are committed to the wellness of our entire community regardless of race,ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs. The Maimonides Society of the Jewish Federation is at the forefront of both philanthropy and service in the Jewish community. The society provides a unique opportunity for like-minded doctors and practicing caregivers to connect to a cause they care about and to each other.


The Oath of Maimonides 

The eternal providence has appointed me to watch over the life and health of Thy creatures. May the love for my art actuate me at all times; may neither avarice nor miserliness, nor thirst for glory or for a great reputation engage my mind; for the enemies of truth and philanthropy could easily deceive me and make me forgetful of my lofty aim of doing good to Thy children.

May I never see in the patient anything but a fellow creature in pain.

Grant me the strength, time and opportunity always to correct what I have acquired, always to extend its domain; for knowledge is immense and the spirit of man can extend indefinitely to enrich itself daily with new requirements.

Today he can discover his errors of yesterday and tomorrow he can obtain a new light on what he thinks himself sure of today. Oh, God, Thou has appointed me to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures; here am I ready for my vocation and now I turn unto my calling.

Membership Requirements 

  • Make a minimum gift of $1,000 to the Jewish Federation of West-Central New Jersey 

  • Maintaining good standing with the medical community.  

Membership Options

  • Join for two years. ($800 in year one and $1,000 in year two)
  • Join for one year ($1,000)
  • You have already donated to the Federation annual campaign for the current year at the Maimonides Society level and  would like to start enjoying the benefits immediately.


Membership Duration  

Memberships begin on the date you join and run for one year. 

For example, if you join July 1 your membership will end the following year on June 30. 


Want to learn more? 

If you are instrested in joining the Maimonides Medical Society or need more infromation about this affinity group please reach out to Gayle Braunstein. 908.758.2002 or 




The Maimonides Medical Society is Co-Chaired by Dr. Judith Hersh & Dr. Eric Yorke