Community Mission Trips 

Commuinty Mission Trips 

The Jewish Federation of West-Central New Jersey conducts community missions in order to bring us closer to one another and to Jewish communities in Israel and around the world. Our missions are educational, enriching and impactful - as well as being fun!


Community Mission to Israel


The Jewish Federation of West-Central New Jersey holds a community mission to Israel every few years. The last community mission took place in 2018, and was in celebration of Israel turning 70. Members of the community explored Israel by seeing the four corners of the country from the spiritual city of Tsfat and the beautiful hills of the Golan Heights in the north to the historic city of Jerusalem and mesmerizing Judean hills in the east and on into the Negev desert in the south and the vibrant city of Tel Aviv in the west. Traveling with a Federation mission opens doors to places and experiences unavailable on other trips.  Watch this space for the announcement of our next mission. 

We hope you'll join us!

Community Mission to Cuba

The Jewish Federation of West-Central New Jersey took a community mission to Cuba in 2023. Cuba: A land frozen in time - so close, yet decades away. A Jewish community dedicated to its heritage across half a century of isolation and prevalent atheism. A rich and vibrant island culture, filled with dance and song, classic cars and donkey carts, rum, and cigars. We experienced all this and more as we steped back in time together.


If you have any questions about our community missions or would like to learn more about our next mission for the community please call 908.758.2006 or e-mail us at